Characters of Cardcaptor Torika

Torika Showron
The daughter of Sakura and Li. She is sweet, klutzy and caring like her mother and stubborn and temperamental like her father. At night on her birthday Torika stubbles across the Star Cards in her father's forbidden room. While putting out a fire she accidently caused with one the cards she read the Star Cards escaped. She wants nothing more than to get her mother back and is willing to put herself in danger to do so.
The guardian beast of the Star Cards and Torika's advisor. He is responsible for Torika being late all the time. He hasn't changed much in the past 20 years.
Maddy "Madison Junior" Greening
Torika's fashion obsessed best friend and Madison's daughter. She was the first person to discover Torika was a cardcaptor and immediately saw this as an opportunity to take fantastic pictures of her own costume designs. She is very strange and devious but a very loyal friend. Her biggest pet peeve is being compared to her mother (which is ironic since they are almost clones of each other) and her dream is to become a more famous fashion designer.
Tai Greening
Maddy's twin brother and Torika's other best friend. He is less insane than his sister but just as devious and often teases his twin and Torika. Though they do bicker, Maddy and Tai are extremely close and Tai does just about everything for her, including modeling girl's clothing! In many ways he is more like his mother than Maddy is as he is very polite and supportive. He is very musical and plays the oboe as well as is on the archery team. He doesn't know specifically that Torika is a cardcaptor, but he has a good idea that she is up to more than what she is telling him.
Natsume Fushigi
Torika's rival for capturing Star Cards. Though she has no direct connection to them, she does have magical powers from belonging to a very prominent and rich magical family. She uses various types of magical arrows and has a lot of knowledge about the magical world. She is however very spoiled and demands that things be done for her.
Sakura Showron
Torika's mother. When Torika was two years old she was hit by a car and sent into a coma. Torika has a deep devotion to her despite the fact they have been unable to be with each other since Torika was young. Despite her tragic condition, she still can at times help her only child.
Li Showron
Torika's Father. An archeology professor who sometimes works at the local museum. He loves his daughter very much and is extremely protective over her. For some unknown reason, Li keeps most of his wife's memories locked in a storage room Torika is forbidden to go into.
Tori Avalon
Torika's uncle. The founder and chairman of Avaloncorp, a very rich electronics company. He loves Torika almost as much as her parents do and this often leads to many fights between him and Li. Tori wants nothing more than the girl's happiness and often expresses his affection with lavish gifts. Aside from her father, Tori is the closest family member to Torika.
Julian Star
Torika's science and homeroom teacher. Torika's favorite teacher who almost always has a sage piece of advice. Though she doesn't know how, Torika suspects that Mr. Star is involved somehow with the Star Cards. He also helps run the science club and coaches the archery team
Deria Avery
Torika's math teacher. A very cruel woman whom Torika hates. For some unknown reason, the two have a lot of animosity and Ms. Avery tends to punish Torika for no reason.
Madison Greening
Maddy and Tai's mother. Like a second mother to Torika, she often takes care of her when her father is busy. She is very attached to the daughter of her best friend and even calls her 'triplet'. She is a very wealthy fashion designer but teaches her children to be humble with their wealth.
Kurogane Greening
Maddy and Tai's father. A busy fashion photographer who is often out of town. Though he doesn't have a lot of time for his family he loves them very much.
Hana Ikado
A fiesty tomboy and hopeless romantic fangirl, Hana has high expectations of herself and is fiercely loyal to her friends. She tends to get crushes very easily and is almost always starstruck with Torika, whom she idolizes. Her dream is to become a champion soccer player and the world's greatest Miko
Torika's other guardian. Formerly the true form of Torika's teacher, Yue took on a new form in order to watch over and judge Torika when she sealed all the cards. He refuses to tell his true form about his existance and is extremely protective over Torika. He seems to be hiding something, but no one, even Keroberos knows what that is