About Cardcaptor Torika

Cardcaptor Torika is the story of Sakura's daughter, Torika and her adventure with the Star Cards. Sakura is put into a coma she is unable to awaken from because the Star Cards are drawing too much power from her for their own survival. Then one night, on Torika's tenth birthday she is mysteriously drawn to her father's study and opens a trunk that she was forbidden to ever touch. Inside she finds some strange outfits and a book with her mother's name on it. These are of course the Star Cards, upon reading the top card Torika starts a fire and the cards escape, just like what happened to her mother. Kero appears and tells Torika she must reseal the cards or her mother will die! Determined to not let that happen she accepts her duty and becomes the Cardcaptor!

The story is a Doujinshi, or fan comic and is based on the English version, Cardcaptors and the second Cardcaptor Sakura movie. This means I follow the dub, use the events from the dub and use the dub's names. So some people may argue about the whole Madison's kids thing and the Tori thing but that is how my story is. CCT is very similar to the original but definitely not a copy, some characters will appear later and others will not be seen at all. There will be around 80 "episodes" in all divided into three "seasons": Star Cards, Heart Cards and the Emperor of Nightmares as well as some specials. I hope you enjoy

Technically what you are reading is the third version of Cardcaptor Torika. My first version of CCT was not a comic nor was even featuring Torika back in 2001. It actually was about a girl who found the cards in a library and Sakura was her teacher. I got the idea when I first got my clow book and before the Star card season. While the original character never made it to print a lot of the ideas were kept. This is where I got the idea for Maddy and Tai being twins, for Firey being Torika's first card and the coming soon the adventure where Torika captures Light and Dark. I also put up a second, comic version one the first version of BookofClow in 2002. No one read it because: A. It didn't show up and B. I didn't know html. It was actually a good thing because I would have lost all reputation as an artist. Torika was originally a blond with brown eyes (go figure how I got that idea) and each issue was about 3 pages in length (yay!). Also Tai's original name was Chai (who knows what I was thinking). Then in September of 2003 I put up the first final version of Cardcaptor Torika. I had just turned 16, had no idea about doing comics and was mediocre as an artist at best. But over the years and a lot of experimentation and practice (lots and lots or practice!) I have gotten a lot better. So if you can tolerate the first few issues you will see I have gotten better.

Thank you for reading my work, Clowprincess223