The Queen of Games

The Characters of Queen of Games

Neferi Nash
The Heroine of our series. A fifteen year old freshman at Domino High School. A shameless coward and completely lazy. Even though she doesn't do well at school she's actually very smart. She doesn't like to play games, but she loves puzzles and word games.
Ryou Bakura
A shy, quiet boy who enjoys games and reading. He goes to Neferi's school and is the object of her affection. Even though he hangs around her a lot and is nice to her, he is completely oblivious of her feelings towards him.
Alita Morisato
Another one of Neferi's classmates, her family owns the Battle Angel Gaming Shop. Though very shy and hardly ever noticed, she is actually a gaming expert.
Sophie Laurence
One of Neferi's two best friends and a cheerleader. She's not the brightest of girls, but she is supportive and helpful in Neferi's goal of getting Ryou Bakura to like her. Originally she is from America.
Miranda Hassan
Neferi's other best friend and also a cheerleader. She is Sophie's partner in crime and is always behind her friend's ideas even though she is far smarter than Sophie. Along with being smarter, she is also much more pessimistic and mistrusting. Her family owns an Arab grocery store and she has a lot of brothers and sisters.
Jacob Nash
Neferi's 12 year old little brother. He still goes to elementary school but acts like he's the older sibling. He's always making fun of his sister and doing everything to make her miserable.
The mysterious owner of the Antiques and Curiousities shop near Battle Angel.
Seto Kaiba
The CEO and owner of KaibaCorp, one of the richest companies in the world, and an upperclassman in Neferi's school. He is determined to buy the Battle Angel Gaming shop at any price, and after a losing duel, has a deepseeded hate of Neferi.
Mokuba Kaiba
Seto Kaiba's little brother and Jacob's best friend. He doesn't actually hate Neferi, but disrespects he greatly because she beat his brother. Though he and Jacob are best friends, they often argue over their older siblings.
Maximillian Pegasus
The CEO of Industrial Illusions, creator of Duel Monsters and sponsor of the Duelist Kingdom dueling tournament. He holds the Millenium Eye and has a special interest in Neferi and the Millenium Puzzle.
Mai Valentine
A very talented but manipulative duelist, and one of the few high ranking female players. She believes to get anything in life she has to stab people in the back and only rely on herself. She thinks of friends as anchors instead of something valuable.
The spirit of the Millenium Puzzle. He doesn't remember his past but is a master gamer who isn't afraid of anybody. He and Neferi share a contract: in return for granting her wish, Neferi must help Yami regain his memory.
Chase Yanagi
One of the most popular singers in Japan. Actually a very courteous young man with a music themed deck. Sophie is obsessed with him.
A duelist from Canada known as 'The Shadow King'. He uses a deck that focuses zombie and fiend cards, and is a dangerous opponent. Not only is he a good duelist, he is also a shameless cheater.
Wallace Gray
A little known but powerful Austrailian duelist with a fiend deck. He's a nice guy, but in the Dueling Arena he's a ruthless opponent who won't show anyone any mercy.
Yami Bakura
The spirit of the Millennium Ring, a dark, twisted, sadistic being who seeks to claim the seven Millenium Items for himself. The complete opposite in personality to Ryou.
Duke Devlin Duke Devlin
A new student in Neferi's class, a prevelant gamer and expert at the new game Dungeon Duel Monsters. He's very decisive and a popular ladies' man. He seems to have a keen interest in Neferi.
AAlexandria Nash Alexandria Nash
Neferi and Jacob's first cousin. A University student studying Egyptology, she works for Ishizu. A brillaint student who is hard-working, determined and a quick learner, she also comes off as extremely eccentric, especially when it comes towards her cousin and her subject of study. Otherwise she's a pretty amiable and kind person. She too plays Duel Monsters, but mostly as a hobby.
Ishizu Astere Ishizu Astere
The special liason from the Egyptian government responsible for the exhibit at the Domino Musuem, and Alexandria's boss. She asked Neferi to help save the world from an evil force she predicted would soon come to the city. She's a mysterious woman with even more mysterious powers.
Odion Odion
Marik's right-hand man and most loyal Rare Hunter. Not particularly talkative, he comes off as extremely serious and mysterious. He would obey any of Marik's commands without question.
Marik Marik
A mysterious young man bent on taking over the world using the Millennium Puzzle and the three Egyptian god cards. He seems to know about Yami's past as a Pharaoh and harbors a deep hatred of the spirit and by association, Neferi

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