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I have gotten a few questions about Cardcaptor Torika, if you have your own email me at I will post them here in the future
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How old is Torika?

Torika is 10 years old, the same age her mother was when she unleashed the cards

What happened to Sakura, is she like dead or something?

No, she's not dead, she's in a coma. In the first issue she was able to have an out of body experience, but no longer could because her powers weakened.

Will Maddy and Tai appear in later issues?

Yes they will, they are Torika's best friends. They didn't show up in the second part because Torika was still coming to grips with what happened. Also other characters (including a rival which will come late November) will appear in later issues. Also for Sakura fans who are horrified that I made Sakura comatose, she will appear in further issues including one where is consiencious.

Where's Yue?

Yue will appear when Torika seals the final card, he will be a huge part of the second and third season and will go through new challenges himself. As for Julian he will appear in the first November issue in Illusion Confusion. What happened to Sakura and the rest of the characters between Cardcaptors and Cardcaptor Torika will be told in a special called The Secret of Sakura's Cards

Why Doesn't Torika Tell Li About the Star Cards?

The trunk that the cards were in was in Li's study, a room that Torika was utterly forbidden to ever go into. If she would tell her father about the cards, he would be furious. Also Torika wants to tell as few people as possible about the Star Cards, she is worried the more people that get involved, the more likely someone will get seriously hurt.

Do you plan to show CCT to a T.V. company so they could make it into an anime show?

I would like to but due to a lot of copyright issues they probably wouldn't want to go through the effort. See in order for me to get complete rights over Cardcaptor Torika I would either have to get or buy permissions from CLAMP and that would be expensive and very difficult since they are in Japan and I am in America. On the other hand it would work both ways, if CLAMP wanted to have CArdcaptor Torika they would have to pay me. Though one day I may do an online comic like Homestar Runner.

Do you plan on colorizing the past CCT issues as well as future ones instead of just the cover?

Most likely not. Cardcaptor Torika has been made in the traditional form of manga, black and white with screen tones. While I won't color the issues I may go back to the past issues and tone them. I may also do one colored version of Torika as special. However if you want to see more pictures of Torika in color, just visit the Free Gallery. I hope to have more pictures soon

Will there be romance in the series?

Fear not! There will be romance in Cardcaptor Torika. the third part of my series, The Emperor of Nightmares focuses on SEVERAL relationships (though i ain't saying who with who) I hope to get this series up in the next year or two (pray for me, I've been so swamped with work). The first two series Star Cards and Heart Cards focuses mainly on Torika trying to save her mother and dealing with the accident that nearly killed Sakura. But there will be some romance too. (With tons of SxS moments!)

I have a question about the Heart Cards and Emperor of Nightmares sections on Cardcaptor Torika. For some reason I can only go into the Star Cards section and not the other two. Are they blocked out or something?

the reason you can't read any of the Heart Cards or Emperor of Nightmares stories is because they don't exist yet. Star Cards is a fairly long section that consists of 45 stories (I know it's a lot but there are reasons behind that). Hopefully I will finish Star Cards before the end of 2005 and start Heart cards at the beginning of 2006.

What will Spinel Sun's [Spinner Sun] part be in the Emporer of nighmares?

Sorry but I can't tell you, it's top secret. All I can say is that he and ruby will appear in the final season of Cardcaptor Torika. But that's a while off.

How old are Sakura, Li, Madison and Meilin supposed to be?

all of them are around 32-33, and Tori and Julian are 37

Where IS Meilin?

Don't worry, that will be explained in the next issue, Mei Lin's Return. I'll post it as soon as I can get my evil computer to work, it died on me again.

Won't Li be proud of Torika because of the fact she accepted the responsibility of a cardcaptor and to save her mother from certain death?

Li irrational behavior towards the idea of Torika with the Star Cards is explained later on in The Secret of Sakura's Cards, an in between issue I hope to have at the end ot Star Cards and beginning of Heart Cards. But I can tell you this much, with the cards sealed, Sakura's powers remain the same, but unsealed her powers are drained

In "The Star Card of Fate" couldn't Kero have turned to his TRUE form?

if you look at the numbers SCoF is numbers 29 and 30, whereas the story is still stuck on 18 (it's my fault, I know and I'm trying very hard to remedy it) I did this because during my senior year of high school, i ended up being about 10 issues behind when I worked on another manga project, so I decided to post stories 29 and 30 and then fill it up in between. I'll post the issue where Torika seals Earthy as soon as it's finished. Also don't forget that Kero doesn't always go into his true form just because a Card is around, sometimes he stays in his earthly form for the heck of it.

Isn't Li supposed to be able to sense magic? So he should've sensed the star cards.

Yes, it is true that Li can sense magic, as you know from the series he is a very good magician who has been trained for a very long time. HOWEVER, Torika doesn't know that...

Who's Hana?

I was going to talk about her soon anyway. Hana Ikado is a character who will play a big part in Heart Cards. She's an eleven year old Shinto priestess in training that Torika meets in the first issue of Heart Cards (slotted for some time in April, but don't hold me to that deadline)

Will Sakura wake up during "The Star Cards" saga?

Sorry, I can't answer that, it might spoil the ending of Star Cards. What I can tell you, however, is that Sakura will appear several more times before the end of Cardcaptor Torika

You know, there's something I've been wondering with one of your CCT issues. In the one titled "The Secrets of Clow" When Kero said "Clow became a major Playboy", is the women who is with Clow supposed to be Yuuko? Just wondering since Yuuko loves to drink, and she knew Clow.

Yup!! That is Yuuko Ichihara from xxHolic. Granted, it's probably not the most fantastic picture of her since I had to work backwards and put her in the Cardcaptors style versus the style used in xxHolic, I also had the same challenges with Fai in Cost of Pride. Also that issue was drawn back a while ago and my drawing skills tend to improve pretty rapidly

Will all of the remaining cards be shown in the last few issues or will some be skipped?

Technically four will be skipped, but as soon as my co-webmistress chibi from Sakura Daughter Network finishes, she will show how Torika catches the bubble card in a crossover issue with her character Naru. She isn't finished yet, and I don't know when she will be, but as soon as she is I'll announce it. The other cards that will not be shown are Sand, Sleep, and Voice

Did Miss. Avery's son die in some war or something or is she just naturally grumpy? I've always thought she might have more wrinkles.

There is a reason behind Ms. Avery being so gosh darn mean to Torika, unfortunately, you won't find out why until Heart Cards (which luckily isn't too far away!)

In the fourth page of "Too Good To Be True," when you use some sort of newspaper as a background, where did you get that from? It looks like an interesting read.

That newspaper in the background was a screentone (grey pattern) that came with a software I use called Deleter Comicworks, I use it to add the greys to the pages.

Why are there only fourty-five issues of CCT when there are about fifty-two cards in the deck?

The way I wrote my series the fifty-two cards get spread differently over each chapter. In most chapters, Torika only catches 1 card. But in some, like Flower Storm, she catches 2 cards. And some cards I not chose to include as capture adventures because the series is already pretty long (the way I have it planned, the series will actually be 8 chapters longer than Cardcaptor Sakura) and I couldn't think of any really interesting way of doing them. All the cards will appear at one point or another. So if you have a favorite card that hasn't appeared yet, don't worry, it will appear at least once.

You said Ms. Avery knew Sakura before. Was she once someone we know from the original Cardcaptor/Cardcaptor Sakura series?

No, Avery is one of my original characters and her part of the story line takes part quite a few years after CC/CCS (ie she wasn't someone Sakura knew in grade or high school)

Is Hana Ikado (the character who's going to be in Heart Cards)'s name based in any way on the character from Ojamajo Doremi? (or Magical Doremi if you prefer)

No, Hana is *NOT* based on Magical Doremi in any way, shape or form. Though the series did come out in 1998, several years before I had even seen CC, let alone create my series. Hana was created long, long before it was dubbed. Hana is based somewhat off another anime character, but as you will soon see, it isn't Magical Doremi.

I also love the cover art. Is it suppossed to symbolize the coming of the Light and Dark cards or the emotions that Torika is trying to balance inside of her? Sorry if that's too deep of a question.

Don't think your question is too deep, actually, it was right on the mark. It is meant to represent both the light and dark cards as well as Torika's emotional battle. Incidententally, this cover was also heavily inspired by X/1999 because I was watching the movie shortly before drawing the original sketch (So her outfit is very Kamui inspired.)

In "Torika's Darkest Secret" Ms Avery said that Torika was as useless as her mother but how does she know Sakura?

*Sings* Sorry but I can't tell you! That would completely ruin Heart Cards if I did. All I can say is that Sakura and Ms. Avery met after the end of Cardcaptors but before the beginning of Cardcaptor Torika

I was wondering if Natsume comes back in the Heart cards or the Emperor of Nightmares or even one of the specials?

Don't worry too much about her. All the story lines I started in Star Cards will definately be answered in Heart Cards. Though very long, Star Cards is more the setup for Heart Cards, and even though Heards cards is a lot shorter, a lot more important stuff happens.

How did Yue manage to leave Julian's body and into Tai's? Is that going to be revealed in Heart Cards?

Yes, the whole why Tai is Yue and Julian no longer is will definitely be explained in Heart Cards, it's a major part of the story line

Are we ever going to see Miss McKenzie?

Yes and no. She will in theory appear in the Emperor of Nightmares, but she will not play any big role in that part of the arc.

I was wondering where you got the idea for the Heart Staff?

Ah, the Heart Staff. To be honest it was so long ago I don't even remember why I first made it look the way that it did. I look back at my sketches and there it was, and I also made a key out of metal but I'm afraid the back-story to it is lost to the ages (it probably wasn't too interesting so that's why I don't remember).