How to Install

Once you download the files you will need to extract them. The executable file is called Kaiju-Crush.exe, the Kaiju-Crush-32.exe file is intended for 32-bit operation systems but is otherwise the same file. It’s important to remember to play and save in the same file each time, or you might think your save files are missing.

Menu and Controls

Mouse Click: Click with your mouse anywhere in the game screen besides the menu options below the text to move the story forward. When a selection option comes up, click the box with the choice you want to make.

Esc Key: Access the menu including the save files during the game.

About the Game

The city of Megyo is under attack by the giant monster Zira! The good news? A twist of fate and military accident means you’re now her size and can communicate on her level. But the legendary Zira isn’t the only obstacle to protecting the city when more and more monster girls show up, including a representative of an alien empire bent on world domination.


Save the world by romancing the monster girl of your dreams. Making the right choices means you’ll get closer to her heart, but watch out! Hurt her feelings or disrespect her and you might have more than killer aliens rampaging through the city.


Since this is a visual novel, the choices you make effect the story, so think carefully about the decisions you make depending on which character’s route you are playing.