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About 'The Queen of Games'

What would have happened if Yugi wasn't the one to put together the Millenium Puzzle? What if a girl had put it together instead? That's exactly what this series answers! Neferi Nash is the most unlikely of duelists: she's lazy, she's a coward and most importantally, she hates games! But in an attempt to get the boy she likes to notice her, and her almost savant-like talent for puzzles, Neferi enters the strange world of gaming where the players are weird, the stakes are high and running away is not an option!

Queen of Games is what is known as an 'Alternate Universe' series. Meaning though the events of Yugi-Oh happen, most of the main cast such as Yugi, Tea (Anzu), Joey (Jounouchi), Tristan (Honda) as well as many other characters will not appear. Neferi is not Yugi's sister, cousin, daughter or any other relation, she exists is more or less and AU version of Yugi.

The series updates one new page a day. Once the chapter is finished is gets archived into a PDF file that you can download for free and distribute and share as much as you want--as long you you don't charge anyone else for downloads.

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Yugi-Oh! (C) Kazuki Takahashi, Queen of Games and all original characters and situations (C) Bwillett