Fan Fictions

These are stories based off of Cardcaptor Torika written by my fans, I didn't write them, the author's listed did. If you too have written a Cardcaptor Torika Fanfiction, please send it to me

Takara and the Eight Purities by Alleigh
The Five Opera Divas of Doom by Valarauko
The Five Opera Divas of Doom: Intermission by Valarauko
The Five Opera Divas of Doom: Act Two by Valarauko
Cardcaptor Torika the Movie by Master Li (rated PG)
Cardcaptor Torika and Cardcaptor Ashlee by Ash
Broken Hearts by Candyfloss
Reflections by Katie L.
A Cardcaptor's Weakness by Gaby
Inevitabilities by Snipy3
The Star in Your Heart by PhaipherGirl
Sweet Valentine's Day by LilAngelKitty501
Cardcaptor Torika and Cardcaptor Sumomo by Mew Mew Mairi
The Dream of the Lioness by Nephry
The Cardcaptor War by Lavender S.
Torika's Quest by Cardcaptor Tom
The Final Test Prt1, Prt2, Prt3, Prt4, Prt5 by Mystery Man
The Unforgetable Wish that was Never Meant to be Wished by Dark Blue Angel
In a Mirror Darkly by Cardcaptor of the Clow
Torika's Dimensional Encounter by AwesomeMegas
The Next Dream by Drake
The Heart of the Ocean by Master Li
Cardcaptor Kaoru bt NekoKidd